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The Healthy Active Lifestyle Estate (HALE) is a system developed to allow assessment of all the main potential built-environment related health and safety hazards. By focusing on potential hazards, it places emphasis directly on the risk to health, well-being or safety. This system takes into consideration the different aspects of the community in relation to the built environment. Guidelines by the World Health Organization (WHO) has been used by the International HALE Building Council Inc. as a primary referred in the development of the certification system.


The HALE concentrates on threats to health and safety. It is generally not concerned with matters of quality, comfort and convenience. The system focuses on critical points in lifestyle, architecture, structural engineering and planning that influences the cumulative risk to health, safety and wellbeing of prospective occupants. However, in some cases, such matters could also have an impact on a person’s physical or mental health or safety and so can be considered.

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