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  • Annual Listing. Members are listed in the website's annual roster and have access to events only open to HALE Council members. 

  • Valid Discounted Rates. Receive discounts on training, conferences, events, and materials offered by the HALE Council or its supported local and international events

  • Be Updated. Be informed on the most recent details on HALE building materials and technologies straight from the Council and its members.

  • Offer Knowledge and Experience. Participate in working groups, roundtable discussions, and studies to further develop the HALE Building Rating System.

  • Active Involvement. Participation in the many standing committees, working groups, and study groups are encouraged for members. Members with good standing may nominate a representative for the organization as part of the Board of Trustees.


For more information, contact the Membership Committee through email at

  • Regular Members from LMIC

    Every year
    Professionals from Philippines, India, Indonesia and other Low-Middle Income Countries
  • Regular Members

    Every year
    For Professionals such as Architects and Medical Doctors
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