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Midyear Conference 2023

Creating Healthy Homes:
The Intersection of Sustainability and Mental Health

JUNE 22, 2023 | 2PM TO 5PM | GMT+8

Join us for an upcoming webinar that delves into the vital connection between sustainable design principles and the well-being of individuals and communities. This engaging event brings together a distinguished panel of global experts, exclusively curated for architects and interior designers. Gain valuable insights and practical knowledge as we explore innovative approaches and cutting-edge strategies for creating sustainable, mentally enriching spaces. Discover the profound impact of biophilic design, uncover design strategies for healthy homes, and explore the latest technologies supporting sustainable living practices. Save the date for and become a part of this thought-provoking webinar, where we promote the convergence of sustainability and mental health in the fields of architecture and interior design. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to contribute to the creation of healthier living environments. Reserve your spot now to ensure your participation!

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